Who We Are

Colusana is a non-profit organization focused on helping people with disabilities, in the United States and Latin America, particularly in Colombia. It was founded in 2003, in Miami, Florida, with the purpose of providing wheelchairs to people in need, helping them gain independence so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

The foundation has centered most of its efforts on people that belong to the in need classes, through it's "Donate a Wheelchair" campaign in the U.S., obtainging more than 300 wheelchairs that have been successfully delivered in Colombian. This is a permanent cause in which the foundation continually mobilizes the media and works towards integrating willed individuals and business people in South Florida.

The Colusana foundation is devoted to promoting the development of programs that can help enhance th quality of life of disabled people, and in particular, to sponsor athletes, in order to integrate them into a program of disciplined sports training sessions, so that they can compete in different high-performance events in the U.S.


To create opportunities for recovery and personal realization for disabled people who have been affected by violence, illnesses or traumas. The Colusana Foundation Seeks to enhance the quality of life of the disabled population by providing them with an all-embracing support, with the objective of reintegrating them back into society.


To become the worldwide leading foundation, in a short period of time, in the implementation, development and structuring of sports, Educational and social activities within the disabled community, for those with physical, hearing and visual disabilities.

About Its Founder

Mr. Alvaro H. Ortiz, founder and president of the Colusana Foundation, firmly believes in the solidarity of the hispanic community in Florida. He is aware that his native country, Colombia, is going through a situation that requieres help for all those who have been crippled by violence.

His vision goes beyond providing wheelchairs to the disabled. He wants to provide the necessary help to disabled athletes so that they can compete in the wide range of sports activities that are present not only in the U.S. but also in the rest of the world. He also dreams on organinzing one of the biggests marathons for disabled people in the U.S. as one of many activities to obtain the foundation's recognition on a global scale.