Every year our Foundation organices a "Bingo Bailable" which is our way to collect funds to make all our initiatives possible. Our Bingo event is a fun night where we play Bingo, we eat and dance after, there are also ruffles and a lot of fun things happening in this fun night. This year we will have the entertainment from "la hora loca", meaning we will go crazy. (You can find out more about "la hora loca" by going to their website

During this event we also have sponsors who kindly make donations to help cover the expenses the event and to help us reach our goal to be able to give as many wheelchairs as possible.

Become a sponsor

This is an opportunity for your company, an exciting chance for sponsorship and recognition for a good cause. Sponsorship is an essential element in prolonging and expanding the success of our foundation, we would like to extend our offer to your organisation to partake in the growth of Colusana's noble cause, and allow us to impact the lifes of more disabled people with your help.

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